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Mark welcomes everyone, and he does his best to make sure people feel supported. Groups like Women at Mark, Latin@s, Black Marks, and Pride-Mark (for LGBTQ employees and allies) are a big part of that effort.

Innovation Engineer Apprentice: Idea-Creation Maven

Do you think outside the box, but still understand the box? Better yet, did you build the box and want to build more boxes out of undiscovered materials? Mark can’t wait for you to discover the materials, build the box, and then jump in it with him.

JavaScript Shogun: Wielder of the EcmaScript Sword

You are a fierce JavaScript mage who wields an EcmaScript sword and puts Paul Irish to shame and laughs at the follies of JavaScript transpilers. You’re a purist who refuses to write in any other language even if it’s better suited for the task at hand.

Czar of Social: Master of Stats, Ads and Humans

Adept at every network, tool, platform, site, team, stat, ad, library, and functionality, you love getting likes, actively destroy the Internet with re-hashed bullshit and listicles, and gave up on the idea of creating something meaningful at the age of six.

Big Data Cruncher: Petabyte Sifter

Munch munch munch, Daddy likes to crunch—on big data that is! Cloud computing. Map Reduce. Hadoop. HBase. We're looking for somebody who wants to quit Palantir to crunch the enormous data surrounding Mark's comedy.

Guy Who Is Good At Statistics: PhD in Stats

Naive Bayes? More like "Smart" Bayes! Applicants must be male.

Foot Masseuse: Person Who Knows Feet

This isn't diagnosed or anything, but there's this weird pinching sensation Mark feels when he steps on his left foot the wrong way. It doesn't always happen but it's definitely something that could be addressed. By you.

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Mark Vigeant
Mark Vigeant
Mark Vigeant