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Mark believes that comedy and silliness
can bring peace to the human race.


OSFUG: The Fast Fuckin' Sketch Show

Sketch comedy for the millennial age. Fast, streamlined comedy that keeps pace with the tempo of your grungy, urban life. Explore ›

The Trumpet Boys: Sketch Comedy with Trumpets

A Venn diagram in the boardroom with music and comedy converging to achieve results. Positivity in an age of anxiety. Sincerity in an age of sarcasm. Connect ›

Leaves of Grass I Trimmed With My Mower: Dad Poetry

Disrupting the Dad Comedy + Poetry Space. Laughs brought to you from sincere Dads who just want to enjoy the simple pleasures of their backyard. Discover ›

Google: The Search Engine Mark Invented

Mark created Google, and that's a fact. You want to compete with the big dogs? Use Google, Mark's search engine. Transcend ›